Zane Byrd - Software Engineering Resume Simple
A highly motivated and enthusiastic customer service representative with a strong background in customer service and administrative support. I am a self-starter who is able to work well under pressure and a team player.
  • helpdesk, hardware, project coordinator, it, switches, supervising, telecommunications, servers, coordinator, administration, routers, manager, unity, scheduling, cisco
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Network Administrator

    Hair Design Institute

    • Managed the installation of servers, routers, and software applications. Maintained and updated the network infrastructure. Developed and implemented a new system for the use of the Cisco.
    • Worked with it support, installation, and management to ensure all issues were resolved in a timely manner. Coordinated and managed the implementation of the network.
    • Assisted in the implementation of the new server system for the dispatching of the management. I was also responsible for the coordination of the installation of the network.
    • Provide support to the installation Coordinator and management team in the development of new and existing VoIP systems. Responsible for troubleshooting and resolving customer issues.

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